Peppermint Facial Scrub


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Peppermint Facial Scrub

About this product

Peppermint facial scrub is intended to be used at nighttime exfoliator, 2-4 times per week, gently sloughing the week’s buildup off while providing deep moisture. We’ve formulated our peppermint facial scrub with aloe, peppermint essential oil, non-comedogenic sunflower oil, and the finest pumice. Pumice is one of the most gentle exfoliants with it’s super-fine grains. We’ve used sunflower oil due to it’s non-pore-clogging properties. Unless you wash your face with soap afterwards, you’ll be left with a very light coating of extra-moisturizing aloe and sunflower oil. Leave this on and forget using your moisturizer afterward. You’ll be glad you did when you wake up with softer, happier skin in the morning!


-99% naturally derived ingredients 
paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free
-Instructions on the jar: Apply to face and neck after cleansing. Gently rub onto the skin making circular motions. Rinse off. For external use only.

• Made in the United States

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